iTunes has The Beatles. So does Rhythm Clocks!

With all the announcements happening yesterday on Apple’s new iTunes which now features the entire collection of The Beatles song’s, it got me thinking about our Rhythm clocks that have 6 popular Beatle’s songs on them already.

The Rhythm clock models I’m talking about are…

Nostalgia Legend
Grand Encore Legend
Timecracker Legend
Anthology Legend

And with a switch on the side turned to rock n’ roll the clocks will chime on the hour every hour from a selection of 6 songs from The Beatles.

How cool is that!?

For your information anytime you see rock n’ roll as one of the musical selections, The Beatles will play. All full featured Small World Rhythm Clocks will play from 3 song groups, rock and roll, melodies and Christmas.

With the holidays fast approaching we have turned all the clocks to play Christmas tunes. It gives a nice holiday feel to the shop or your home.

These motion clocks are one of the most unique ways to enjoy Beatles music, and in my opinion a must for any fan!

Use the tabs below to view all in stock selections of the Beatles rock and roll models from Rhythm clocks on the blog…

Thank you and leave a comment if you thought this article was cool!


P.S. I don’t if you noticed this but Apple posted a free video of the first live concert when The Beatles came across the pond to America click the link to check it out.

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