iTunes has The Beatles. So does Rhythm Clocks!

With all the announcements happening yesterday on Apple’s new iTunes which now features the entire collection of The Beatles song’s, it got me thinking about our Rhythm clocks that have 6 popular Beatle’s songs on them already. The Rhythm clock models I’m talking about are… Nostalgia Legend Grand Encore Legend Timecracker Legend Anthology Legend And with a switch on...

Real Wooden Casing on Rhythm Clocks

In this post we are going to talk about the wood casings surrounding some of the small world rhythm clocks. There are a variety of woods used that give a really elegant finish to the clocks. From rich solid oaks to to contemporary alder, the clocks featuring the real wood casing provide a very contemporary and traditional look to any room of your house. Some models do not have solid wood all the...

All About Rhythm Clocks Sealed System

All About Rhythm Clocks Sealed System One of the best features of Rhythm Clocks is the complete sealed system. So what does that mean for you? It means that there is virtually no dusting or maintenance required. Made with parts from Japan and you know they make good stuff electronics. All rhythm clocks run on quartz system (like the car radio) so it keeps track of time, and is extremely reliable. The face is made of glass to showcase...

Rhythm Clock Video

Rhythm Clock Video Check out the Rhythm Clock video we just posted for your viewing pleasure. I talk about all the features and details of these motion clocks and you can hear the music, and watch many motions from certain models of clocks. It was really cool shooting this video for you, and it is one of the most requested things from our customers at the shop. To view the video yourself check it out...

Grand Opening of

Grand Opening of Hello folks, We are pleased to announce the grand opening of the Rhythm Clocks Blog which features video, information and a full online store completely devoted to Rhythm Clocks. There are over 7 styles available in the store. Also, we have a review, FAQs, & videos located near the top of the page. These resources help aid you in your buying decision. We will posting new information to this...