Rhythm Clock Features

Below is a complete listing of Rhythm Clock features…

Clarion Sound System

Each Clock comes with a clarion sound system that has a nice rich sound to every chime, and melody. Hear all the notes, and songs in brilliant clarity.

Light Sensor

A light sensor will not chime the clock while you are sleeping so it does not wake you up.

Sealed Parts

The mechanics of the clocks are under a sealed system, so virtually no maintenance or dusting.

Battery Operated

Just two regular D batteries lasts from 18 months to 2 years. Also, it allows you to place the clock wherever you want with no cords or outlets.

Lightweight Design

Each clock weighs under 10 lbs so you can place it where you want.

Rhythm Wooden Case

Natural oaks, and mahoganies with several finishes depending on the model. 100% natural wood finish.

Swarovski Elements

All of the crystals are cut and made of Swarovski crystals.

Demonstration Button

Show off your clock to friends and family.

Multiple song categories.

Change between 3 song category selections. Rock and roll, hymns, classic, melodies, or Christmas depending on the model.